COVID-19: how to open an E-Commerce activity

  • Calvin Carlo
Software, Application

COVID 19 has been stirring up the news for several weeks. This pandemic leads to an almost total containment of the population as well as consequences on the lifestyle of the population both personally and professionally.
The business activity in full reorganization in the face of this planetary shock.
E-commerce purchasing management consists of managing the correct routing of products and the processing of orders despite a massive reduction in postal services.
Faced with supply difficulties, companies that already use technological tools to manage online purchases are now forced to extend their existing capacities or start an emergency plan.
If 94% of e-commerce sites are still open, 75% recorded a decline in sales and for half this decline is 50%.
The strong increases were recorded in food (+ 20% of sales), computer telephony as well as cultural and computer products.
Covid 19 impacts human resources with a majority of companies that practice teleworking, 66% of companies have resorted to partial unemployment and 22% of companies have had to close their business. In terms of logistics, delivery times are getting longer, according to 85% of the sites. 29% registered cancellations.
To compensate for the closure of the relay bridges, ⅓ of the sites offer free or reduce the delivery costs of home orders.
Some companies offer the possibility of extending their right of withdrawal within a longer period.
The future of e-commerce, even if it remains uncertain, is one of the sectors that can continue their activity without government restrictions and therefore work in telework. Even if the government plans measures to support businesses, a large proportion of e-traders remain worried about the future economic outlook.