Multi-Channel E-Commerce

Great Platform to start or improve one E-Commerce Business with Multi-Channel.

What We Do ?

Ymple offers the possibility to sell your product on Multiple Channel:
Website,Mobile Application or other Innovative Channel.

Web Site Channel

Responsive Website with your Domain. Choose your template color and logo design. Organise your categories.

Product Page

Great Product display with variant selection. Setup Discount Price. Multiple Categories, Tag.

Payment Options

Compatible with Paypal. Compatible with the main Credit Card Provider and the Mobile Payment Options (Apple Pay ,Google Pay).

Easy To Use

Easy Product Setup and possible Cross Channel. Upload of Multiple Images per Product

Integration with Existing Systems

Import / Export Functionality. Shipping configuration. Manage the order with system integration.

Mobile Stores

Build and promote your Application on Apple Store and Google Play.

Speed up your development
with Ymple.

Using Ymple to build your site means never worrying about designing another page or cross browser compatibility.

  • Responsive Website with your Domain
  • Mobile Application compatible with IOS and Android
  • Simplicity to setup the Products
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