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Creation of the Open Source Project Ymple - January

Start of the Project as Open Source on Github.

First Beta Version Released July

After several month of work a first version of Ymple is release as an E-Commerce Solution. Version downloaded more than 1k each month


Release of the Web Channel E-Commerce Solution

First complete release of the Web Channel Solution with Product and Order Management.

Event with video - 15 January

Release of the Cloud Solution to unlock the Web Channel and do E-Commerce


Ymple Version 1.0

Optimisation of the Cloud Solution and release of the Version 1 of Ymple. The community is using Ymple to provide E-Commerce Solution. Optiomisation and creation of the first Multi-Channel Solution.

Cloud Version

Release of the Cloud Version for Small and Medium Companies. It is a optimized version of Ymple 2.0 allowing to sell online and start omni-channel.


Ymple Mobile

Creation of one Mobile Application compatible with Ymple to manage Products and Sell. Ymple is able to provide one Ecommerce Solution for both Web and Mobile Apps


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